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ROTTER Tube REEF saltwater aquarium care on YouTube. New show each Saturday. click HERE:  YouTube channel.

Saltwater aquarium care and maintenance by Steve Rotter of ROTTER TUBE REEF on YouTube. Saltwater aquarium knowledge that’s fun. I’m open and honest and tell it how it is.

Current saltwater aquarium specs:

125 gallon saltwater display tank – 2 vortech mp40 power heads – 20 gallon sump

ROTTER TUBE replaces sump socks – NO foam block in sump – bio pellet reactor DIY

2 Rio + return pumps – LED lighting by orbit marine – Eshopps 200 protein skimmer

JBJ 45 all in one aquarium (2nd aquarium) for the clown fish. 4 Picasso clownfish and 2 maroon clownfish.


Folwleri tang

My Fowleri Tang

ROTTER Tube REEF: entertaining saltwater aquarium maintenance on YouTube. I also have a podcast on iTunes called ROTTER tube. The podcast discusses movies and music / musicians, which is both entertaining and comical. Stay up to date via this main site / blog.

Tech geek by day, guitarist, audio engineer, photographer, video editor, cinematographer, YouTube channel creator by night. ROTTER Tube REEF is based in Chicago and hosted by yours truly, Steve Rotter.

 ROTTER tube was started in 2015.  I talk about everything I love, but mainly salt water aquariums and care.  I tell it like it is and don’t sugar coat anything.

I have been playing guitar since 1988, mainly metal and classical, taking the occasional break to spend more time with the media arts as the years went on…not enough hours in the day.  I started ROTTER tube REEF, where I talk about reef tank aquariums…I love it, it’s very relaxing when things go well.  Hopefully I can teach you something, or entertain in a way, while being myself.



Many guitars have passed through my recording studio: as of now I have 10.

I can be found in Chicago taking photos of architecture or recording bands at ROTTER studios.

Star Wars is the movie of choice (EP 4-6 only, with EP 3 being ok) and most movies from the 1980s.  Music from the 1980s and METAL are my favorite, except for the hair bands…uh, no!  That would be for soccer moms. I love quick wit, twisted humor, Mai Tai’s, Italian and Mexican food….and of course soup! ….of course….. and let’s not forget a great cup of coffee (brewed by me.)


ROTTER tube links:

ROTTER tube REEF on YouTube – A new video launched each saturday.  Click subscribe and get alerted to new shows via email, as they are launched.

ROTTER tube on iTunes – podcast. Click to subscribe and get audio shows downloaded to your apple device for free, as they are launched.


My studios: 

www.rotterimages.com – Chicago photography and video production

www.rotterstudios.com – Chicago recording studio

www.steverotter.com – What do you think it’s about?


Podcast hosting with Blubrry

Podcast hosting with Blubrry



17 thoughts on “About

  1. Jeff Stone says:

    Have you thought about doing a video about salt mixes and what brand you would recommend?

    1. steverot-admin says:

      Jeff, that’s a great idea. let me know what you use and we’ll go from there. i’ll mention you in the show since you thought of it. give me a short write up on your tank and what size, fish, corals, etc. we’ll go from there.

      1. Hosting says:

        Still, preparing for this month s column has got me thinking about how I typically divvy up my aquarium-maintenance chores and how I could provide a sample maintenance schedule for those who are considering taking the plunge into saltwater aquarium keeping but may be discouraged by the amount of time and energy that they think the hobby demands. What follows is my best attempt to dissect a maintenance routine that, for me, has become largely subconscious and second nature. Another hobbyist s routine might look significantly different, depending on the animals kept and the complexity of the system, but hopefully this will give newcomers a sense of what they can expect.

    2. Anjii says:

      An answer from an expert! Thanks for cogbirtutinn.

  2. pat murphy says:

    Let me start off saying your new tang is sweet man… I’ve seen photos of a tank that you were removing nitrate from, via sump sock and vaccum. I wold like to know how you get so much coralline algae, it looks amazing.??? I use to have a 100 gallon , lost all my corals.. anemones died.. gave up.. started getting red algae and green, it was a mess.. I’ve since come up with the idea to do a 27 gallon cube and if I can keep corals, then go to 90 gallon cube. So on my 27 gallon cube I have a canister filter, packed with carbon. Coralife protein skimmer for up to a 210 gallon tank, wave maker (hydor). I have a sump not yet installed because I’m building my tank stand…at any rate. It’s been set up for about 6 months, I recently installed my ephotica led light, it’s pretty basic @$$. I bought a bubble tip anemone and I now notice I have bubbles and some red algae growing… I clean regularly and do routine water changes and advice?? I only have a pair of clowns and a skunk clown my lil girl picked out… I need help brother.. you seem the man to reach out to… I find your videos amusing and informative unlike most I see. Thanks for the videos,,, rock on

    1. steverot-admin says:

      Pat, let me know if you see this. I’m going to email you direct though.

      1. pat murphy says:

        Hey there friend. Yeah, I’ve been watching your videos via youtube. Your the BOB or Tom of reefing..lol good stuff.. I would like to mention something about the garlic, if ( I’m correct or not.) In my old 100 gal. Tank I never quarantined, bone head move.. there is a product called Garlic Guard you add so much a dose, I had a few fish with white spots on eyes after I picked them out and some with white spots on fins. Maybe not marine ich idk. Used the garlic guard as first line of defense so not to kill my corals and inverts. I put minced garlic in the food for the day and let it soak in the solution in the fridge. Dosed 1 bottle and then quit each time I suspected ich… I either got lucky or it actually worked.. I would say I did this 3 or 4 times after buying fish.. I’m always very picky wanting to see the fish eat and stuff b4 buying them. Observe them and a few days after bringing them home I see white spots. I’ve heard ich lives in the tank, not the fish. But when they get stressed they then get the parasite. That was my old tank, not current 1.. that was my attempt to keep the fish, but not kill the inverts, it was the fish or my entire tank. I think I would rather had a fish go than my tank crashing…, anyway that’s my story, maybe useful maybe not.. check it out if you get time bro..need more details hit me up

        1. steverot-admin says:

          Hey Pat, glad it worked for you. Garlic is great to use to get the fish to eat. Who knows what they had. I know garlic will not kill the parasite, but it just aids in the fish eating. Some say if the fish eat they can fight off the parasite. I don’t see how that works. The parasite is a parasite. Killing it by starving it (removing the fish from the tank for 6 weeks minimum) works. Anyway, thanks for all that info. So glad they are good.

          1. pat murphy says:

            Got another question??? (Lol) MAYBE you can do a video between the difference in No2 and No3 nitrates… I don’t really understand which to go by. Some videos show people only doing No2 test and others do No3…Hmmmm???

          2. pat murphy says:

            Never mind I figured it out but my nitrates are now 20ppm and nitrites are 0..don’t understand that..

          3. steverot-admin says:

            nitrates are last in the chain, which is why they are higher. That makes sense. Nitrite is converted to nitrates. Nitrates need to be removed via water changes or carbon dosing.

    2. steverot-admin says:

      Hey Pat,
      that algae is a tough one. I battled it in my 75 gallon aquarium by removing rock, scrubbing it, and replacing. sure, a lot of the bacteria died off from that but I did rocks separately, split over days. sandbed and foam blocks still had plenty of bacteria so I was fine. I fed less and went in with a toothbrush and paper towels to remove it from rocks and glass. it was a hassle but worked. took a few weeks and I hated doing it.

  3. Hey! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading through your articles. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics? Thank you!

    1. steverot-admin says:

      hey thanks. I can’t think of any others besides seeing if the youtube channels you enjoy have blogs.

  4. Ron says:

    Nice video of BTR store that you uploaded on 11/19 looks cleaner than your first video of the store. I go there at least twice a month for food. Have you bin to Reefwise in Lisle. One last thing which salt do you use and your tank looks great.
    Thanks for your time

    1. steverot-admin says:

      Hey Ron, thanks for your comment. Sorry for the delay in posting. I have not been updating the site much…too busy with videos. Glad you enjoyed the video. I have not been to Reefwise in Lisle but I’ll check it out. Haven’t been to Lisle in years. I use Instant Ocean. Not the reef crystals, just plain old instant ocean. it’s cheaper and works great for me.

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