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motion 5.2 software for animation on the mac

I have always had pc’s. I switched to mac in 2009 and absolutely love them! Mac is better than pc for artists. I used pc for 15 years in editing photos, high end HD video and multitrack audio recording studios. I just purchased motion 5.2 for animation, on...
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NEW FISH! Fox Face saltwater fish

one spot fox face fish
Purchased a beautiful fox face fish last weekend for my 125 gallon saltwater aquarium. This guy has a lot of personality and just very cool overall. The fox face is an algae grazer and will quickly start grazing and cleaning algae off the sand bed and rock in...
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Girls make no sense

Girls make no sense. Please state your intentions and don’t make guys guys. They’re all crazy. The goal is to find the crazy level you can deal with the most and live with it. by
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1400 subscribers on Rotter Tube Reef!

aw yeah! thank you all so much for making Rotter Tube Reef a fun and friendly place. Thank you to all the reefers who share their knowledge in this challenging and yet fun and beautiful hobby that constantly takes money from out wallets. I have a lot of...
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large fry for a large woman and manners

Would it hurt you to use a little manners when ordering food? so many people say i want or i am going to need. i don’t know why but that really bothers me. it’s one of my pet peeves. yeah give me a large drink. what happened to...
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